How to Cope With the Pressures of Business

If you are running your own business then you will no doubt know just how tough things can be in this type of work. Whether your company is successful or otherwise is irrelevant, there is always something to worry about and there are always different types of stress which you will need to deal with. For many business people like Lloyd Claycomb II, this stress is channelled and focussed on what is important, for others however, this stress can overcome them and cause them to start making bad decisions and even cause them problems in their personal lives. To avoid crumbling under the pressure of running a business, here are some ways to bring the pressure levels down a notch.

Delegate More

Something that many business owners are guilty of is not delegating enough and getting too involved with the details and small tasks of the day-to-day running of the business. If you want to lower your stress levels and ensure that you have enough time to focus on what is important then you need to learn to delegate much more of the work. If you feel that you cannot delegate to the people within your business because you do not trust them to do the job well then you need to be investing time into teaching and training them to be able to complete such tasks, freeing you up to focus on the big picture.

Find Ways to Relax

Another common mistake which many business owners make is to work all of the hours under the sun, thinking that they are helping their business to the best of their ability. Whilst hard work is ablsutehy necessary when running a business, it is impossible to be completely effective if you are running on just a few hours sleep each day and if you do not find ways in which to relax. You will be far better if you can work at 100% for 10 hours per day than working 18 hours per day at 50%. It is important that you discover what it is that can help you to relax and take advantage of it whenever you get the chance, it may be something as simple as weekly massage or an hour each day at the gym, whatever it is, find it and do it.


Outsourcing areas of your business is a great way to take pressure off your shoulders, ensure that your business is operating more effectively and that you have professionals working on the key branches of your business. Anything from logistics to marketing can be outsourced and this can help you greatly in channeling your focus on what is important within the business. The idea that one part of the business is being looked after by a team of specialists is something that will most certainly help you sleep better at night and ensure that your stress levels are significantly reduced.

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