How to Keep Your Courier Business Running in Winter


Drivers dread the winter season because of the extra efforts required to keep vehicles on the road. Snow clogs the road and reduces the handling of the vehicle. Flooded areas are potential threats to the health of the vehicle too.

Without proper planning, your courier business could be affected by winter. To keep your courier business running in winter, consider these tips.

Plan your routes properly

To beat the winter, you need to plan your routes properly. Create a list of deliveries you need and map out routes to the destination. Identify routes with a history of winter trouble and cross them out. Check for weather reports and ensure the other routes are clear. Pick out the best route to each destination and the best time for safe driving.

Conduct necessary checks before hitting the road

Your courier vans need to be in good condition to survive winter. Before your drivers hit the road, ensure the vehicles are checked thoroughly. The vehicle batteries are prone to failure during winter. Shut off all electronic appliances before starting the car. Allow the engine to run for a few minutes before driving off. Check your wipers and make sure they are working properly. Examine your tyres and make sure they have a good grip on the road.

Prepare for the worst

Emergency situations can cause a change in route or delay. The weather can also spring up surprises on drivers. Prepare yourself or your drivers for the worst. Plan ahead on how to keep safe or salvage the situation in the event of a breakdown. Keep all necessary winter-driving tools in the courier van. Basic tools like a torch, first-aid box, and de-icer are the most important. Pack footwear, warm clothing, and food too to keep you warm and safe until help comes.

Review your courier van Insurance

Get an insurance policy to cover your vans. It helps you get back on the road even when your van breaks down.  If your courier business covers long distances across the UK, you need an insurance cover. Consider getting employee liability insurance for your drivers. This reduces the threat and impact of winter problems on your business.

Keep Backup Vehicles

In the event of a vehicle breakdown, delivery is put on hold. Insurance cover takes at least a day to kick in at best. You need backup vehicles to pick up the driver and items to be delivered at the site of breakdown. Backup vehicles ensure there are no unnecessary breaks in delivery. The backup vehicles keep your business running until insurance kicks in or the spoilt vehicle repaired.

Keep your drivers healthy and safe

As a courier driver, staying healthy keeps the business running too. Ensure your drivers eat well and drink enough water before embarking on a trip. Ask about their health and be certain they practice safe driving practices under cold weather condition. Ask them to take breaks in between trips. Packing regular meals and snacks for daily trips is a good idea too. They should avoid taking unnecessary and potentially fatal risks.


No one likes the idea of being out of business due to weather conditions. Take extra care to keep your courier business running without breaks through the winter.  These tips provide you with ideas on how to do so. Implement them and enjoy working through the season.

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