How to Live a Happy Life

Are you happy? If not, what would it take to make you happy and what do you consider to be a happy life? These are questions that I wrestle with on a daily basis and in my pursuit of happiness I am constantly inspired by those around me. One such person who often inspires me to shoot for the moon and find a spot in my life in which I can be truly happy is my friend Bennett Kireker New York Knicks fan like me and lifelong friend.

Bennett seems to have done things just right in his life when it comes to find the happiness that we are all searching for and I sat and spoke with him last week to find out just what it is that made this man’s life such a pleasure to live. Bennett left me with a few thoughts about how he achieved this.

Working at What You Love

At a young age, my friend realised that he had a real passion when it came to agriculture so he decided that this would be where he would dedicate his career. Unlike many of us who fall into a career to make ends meet, Bennett decided to turn his love into a money maker. Starting at a young age, Bennett started off his life with a small business where he grew produce and sold it to the local restaurants in his home town.

When college time came, young Bennett once again embraced his love and went on to study agriculture. Using his passion and his new found knowledge, shortly after leaving college he began his own business selling farm equipment. After learning that he could import cheaper products from Japan and sell on a wider scale, Kireker took the business nationwide and moved down to Pismo Beach.

Keep The Child Inside Happy

My friend loves to pass his time doing things like playing VR games, hand gliding at the local club which sees him take to the skies over the beautiful ocean. Hobbies like this are not something that you would expect to see a successful businessman doing but Bennett likes to keep the child inside him happy, and this in turn helps the adult be happier.

Surround Yourself With Happiness

My friend told me that just living in Pismo Beach makes him happy and that without his surroundings he would not find the happiness that he has. On top of this, Bennett lives close to his family and manages to spend a great deal of time with them, despite work constraints. It seems that this method of surrounding himself with happiness has really rubbed off on him and there is a lot that we can learn from this way of living.

If you have not yet found the happiness which you are looking for, allow yourself to be inspired by people like Bennett and others who have managed to find that perfectly happy groove in their lives.

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