How to Make Good First Impressions (and Make Them Last) as a New eShop Owner

Start on the right foot (not only on the best one)

Beginning the right will allow you to go on properly. You may need to adjust some things, but it will not be as huge if you started with only your best foot forward without a concrete plan to follow through.

So how do you start on the right foot?

  • Proper market research
  • Domain name checking (double checking)
  • Domain registration with a reliable hosting provider (less to zero downtime and slow loading)
  • Organized planning for both website and social media pages (individually and in sync)
  • Prepared for the worst and was able to troubleshoot before it even happens
  • Solid and consistent customer support
  • Sustainable business plan and promotion

Lay down your customer service plan before launch

Most startup ecommerce sites fail at this. Undeniably, customer support can be very challenging if you did not consider preparing for a solid plan that can cater even the peak number of customers that you can possibly accommodate. So plan for this now before opening your site.

Get your promos, discounts and giveaways ready

Giving away promos and discounts is basically like an investment itself. Freebies are also a good way to attract buyer attention. Having this, paired with great customer service, is a sure jumpstart to success.

Prepare to listen to comments and suggestions

Be open for feedback. As a matter of fact, better ask for it. Don’t embrace the praises. Instead, be humble enough to listen to constructive criticisms. You can learn from them. But also make sure to act on those responses to further improve your service.

Evaluate your products and services as often as possible

As you hear out those responses, whether negative or positive, schedule an evaluation to go through these relevant feedback. This is necessary to create action plans on the areas where improvement needs to be considered or implemented. Do this as often as possible.

Launch site-wide checkup regularly

As you should constantly update your website for content and promotions, then you also need to maintain it regulary. Check which pages need revising (status codes 404s to 301s or 307s and more) and which pages have to be deleted permanently. A regular website checkup is necessary to upgrade and also to prevent it from being penalised.

Update your website and social media pages with useful contents

Content is eternally significant. No matter what kind of trends and updates in technology and internet occur, as long as people are involved to read and interact, relevant and useful content is of high value, regardless of brands and services offered. Make it a point to plan your content and religiously update your website with rich and useful content, then share it to your social media pages. You can mix and match your contents from written articles, to photos, infographics and even videos. This can help boost your promotion and give your audience something to look forward to with your website. But make sure you can sustain it.

There are a lot of ways to start right and strong. But the real test of your online business will be your ability to sustain all your good first impressions and achieve betterment in the years to come.

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