How YouTube Marketing Can Help Your Small Business


As a small business, your marketing tactics are very important to increase business growth and to promote your brand. As the Internet has become a much bigger part of all our lives, marketing strategies have changed to incorporate it. Prime focus has now shifted from television to computer screens and mobile devices. When using the web to grow your business, many small businesses turn to YouTube.

YouTube gets over 2 billion views a day and is the second most visited site on the web. Originally built to share short videos with people, YouTube has evolved into an extremely powerful marketing tool that can be an incredible marketing resource for your small business

Why choose YouTube for your small business?

Starting a small business and making sure it becomes something profitable are two completely different things. It can be relatively easy to start a business, but to create a business that succeeds is quite difficult. Brand awareness and clever marketing tactics are the way that most small businesses see continued success, which is where YouTube comes into play. YouTube can offer a surprising number of benefits when it comes to marketing your small business online. Here are some of the most important ones.

Influencers: YouTube is full of social media influencers. These self-made celebrities create huge followings by providing anything from funny videos to educational videos. Businesses like JJ’s House long ago discovered that collaborating with multiple YouTube influencers is a great way to organically grow their wedding dress business. People are more likely to trust influencers opinions over traditional ads, which makes teaming up with them a perfect tactic.

Feedback: YouTube is a great way to get opinions and feedback on your product or service, even before it’s ready for launch. By creating a video of your prototype or of your service, you will be able to gauge how YouTube’s 500 million active users interact with your product and how they enjoy it.

Sharing: as a young business, you want to reach people around the world but that may prove difficult with limited finances. Companies like Very Voga use YouTube to build their brand awareness and connect with prospective customers around the world, without breaking the bank.

Simplify things: YouTube can be a great way to clarify processes or methods of working with your company. Issues that are coming up often with your customer service team can be addressed with educational videos that will prevent customer frustration and increase brand awareness.

Increase site traffic: Youtube also allows you to insert links guiding users back to your own website. By doing this, you can use channel traffic to guide potential customers back to your website. You can also get the influencers you are working with to do this to make sure that viewers can access the pages with the products the influencers are reviewing right away. Search engines also index these videos, which means that a person can find your business through a Google search for videos.

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