Sports skills that translate well to business


Being in business for yourself can be a tough way to make a living, as many competitive individuals are jockeying for the same contracts that you are trying to capture. Comparisons to sports are apt, as games like hockey and football also have winners and losers.

It is entirely unsurprising this sector of the economy draws many former players, as they know what they need to do to succeed.

Haris Ahmed Chicago also played sports many years ago. He took the skills he developed in that arena and leveraged them to hoist himself up the ladder of success in the management consulting trade.

Want to enjoy the success he has achieved? Skills learned in team sport environments translate well to business – take what you know from athletics and use your knowledge to achieve results in the business sector in which you are most interested.


1) Never give up


Don’t get pouty when you lose. If athletes shrugged their shoulders at the first setback, they would never win anything worthwhile. Instead, they put in more effort next game and because of this, they often experience more success.

By not bowing your head when things look grim, you give yourself a chance to win in the end. Hang around  – if you work hard and stay positive, good things will happen.


2) Failure is the best teacher


Every team goes through bouts of losing, even during seasons when they win it all. Everyone has an opportunity to improve when they reflect on the mistakes they’ve made, and a loss is the best time for this.

When team members change what isn’t working, results improve and they returning to winning in short order.

Things don’t always go smoothly in business: sometimes projects get botched, especially when you are new to a specific field.

Newbies often screw up, but they aren’t the only ones who can learn from failure, as long time entrepreneurs and employees often think they are untouchable grandmasters, making it hard for them to acknowledge mistakes when they make them.

Be brutally honest with your performances: change what is holding you back from victory, and do what must be done so you can continue your upward growth trajectory.


3) Leave no teammate behind


No one person on a team can do it all by themselves. The unit can only succeed if all players are pulling their weight.

It is the job of the coaching staff to get laggards up to snuff, as getting their performance to improve can make a huge difference in the results of games.

Businesses work similarly: workers need to be encouraged to do better when they are falling behind in their duties.

They often pick up their effort once they are confronted, thereby boosting the overall results of a company.


4) Those who are willing to learn will go far

Remember when you were an athlete?  In the first years, you had to follow your coach’s instructions closely, as without their tips, knowing how to punt a football, jockey a soccer ball, or to perform a 2 on 1 rush would have been impossible to figure out on your own..

As you get older, it is easier to tune people out, as you learned enough to think that you could do it all on your own. Players with this attitude often don’t make elite squads, as they outplayed easily by harder-working athletes.

Those who want their company to make them rich know that accepting teachings from others is vital to success.

Do the same and you’ll reach untold heights of wealth in your business journey.

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