Support Your Sales Team With Direct Marketing

Your sales team is like the company’s heart. With every sale they make, the revenue is another pump of blood that keeps the company alive. But if new sales are the blood that flows through your business’s veins, leads are the air it needs to breathe. Your sales team needs a constant supply of qualified leads and you need a razor-sharp new customer acquisition strategy to keep it flowing. If you’re struggling to meet your sales lead targets, you are part of the majority. Over 80 percent of B2B companies miss their sales lead targets every year. Hiring a sales lead generation company to support your sales team can turn the tide back in your favor. But what exactly does a sales lead generation company do that you can’t do in-house?

Keep the Funnel Full

Keeping the funnel full is a constant struggle for sales teams that are focused on nurturing qualified leads and closing deals. Filling the lead funnel is just the start. When you outsource direct marketing to support your sales team, you expect qualified leads in new verticals to expand your business. That means creative campaigns that are researched and targeted. You don’t just need sales leads, you need quality sales leads that will convert as part of your new customer acquisition strategy. Quality leads and better data analysis improve your success rate and your ROI.

Develop a Marketing Strategy

From content development to media execution, a sales lead generation company like 360 Leads handles it all. They can guide your team in refining your value proposition, hone your message, and find the best avenues to execute your strategy, including telemarketing, direct mail, digital, radio, print, and OOH advertising. Never outsource to a lead generation company that can’t handle the creative side of your campaign. You want to work with partners who “get” your brand and understand what it is about your solution that sells more. When you hire a hire lead generation company, have them do the creative to keep continuity in your branding an messaging.

Customer Win-Back and Retention

A sales lead company can do more than reach new verticals, they can also grow your billings with existing customers and take charge of your customer win-back campaign. A deal is never done and a lead never stops being a lead. A retention marketing strategy means keeping your campaign going even after you make the sale. It’s inevitable that you face customer churn, but you can fight back with a retention strategy. Customer churn is expensive to your bottom line, but generating repeat business is more cost effective than reaching new markets.

Data Quality

There’s a crisis in marketing data quality going on right now. With unprecedented access to data, even the largest firms don’t have the resources to adequately analyze it. Everyone wants to be a data-driven organization, but only 0.5% of data collected is ever analyzed. But better data analysis has the potential to dramatically increase ROI, and in a zero-budget world, managers are under pressure to find new efficiencies through data. Lead generation companies like 360 Leads have the resources to handle data that you don’t, and that makes them flexible. They know how to zero in on each target’s unique traits and struggles, expanding to new markets through lead channels that respond to your efforts. The power of data-driven marketing is flexibility.

Sales lead generation companies help businesses hit their targets and give you a breath of fresh air. New leads mean new customers, so keep hitting new markets and grow your client list.

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