Telstar: Helping Industries with Services and Maintenance

Telstar was established in 1981, and the company provides professional installation services for their clients. The company has been state-certified as an instrumentation and controls integrator, and they specialize in SCADA and PLC systems. The company is also providing services for companies that want to install measurement instrumentation as well as automated process controls within their production system. Telstar promises that companies would no longer require a lot of contractors when managing their systems because they already provide a one-stop solution for everything.

Telstar has a lot of experiences in the field, and they are showcasing themselves as an ideal partner for any projects. The company’s project management team has demonstrated superior performance in the past, much to the satisfaction of their previous clients. They can also be dispatched anytime to help their clients who are struggling with different industrial issues. Telstar Instruments has a lot of clients, and their services are used in a variety of industries, like the water and wastewater industry, the food and beverage industry, the industrial and manufacturing industry, and the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry.

Telstar provides the following services: SCADA and automation services, instrumentation and controls services, electrical construction and predictive maintenance services, electrical and control systems engineering services, maintenance and validation services, custom control panel manufacturing services, motor control panel manufacturing services, chemical equipment services, and pharmaceutical manufacturing services. These services contribute to the growth of their client’s businesses, and it adds to their reputation as a company that is ready to provide the assistance that their business partners need. Here is an in-depth look at the services offered by Telstar.

  1. Scada and Automation Services

SCADA can be defined as a complex set of system that can automate the processes in an industrial setting. The operations within an industrial complex can be supervised through the use of SCADA, and data being acquired to be used for similar processes performed in the future. A whole site can be supervised with the use of SCADA. All data gathered are projected back to human operators to see if there are any issues in running the system. It is an effective way to ensure that the site is producing quality products without the additional cost of hiring a supervisor.

  1. Instrumentation and Controls Services

Telstar’s Instrumentation and controls service have a single goal—to optimize the internal system performance of a business. Through automation, the company using these services can have a higher level of productivity, while at the same time, reducing the cost for production and increasing the safety inside the workplace. It also provides real-time data information transfers to the operators to ensure that the site is working perfectly fine.

  1. Electrical Construction and Predictive Maintenance Services

The service focuses on collecting and analyzing data to keep the equipment on the site in its proper condition. Any downtime can be prevented when using these services. Downtimes have become a costly problem for industrial businesses. Through Telstar, they can be confident that a downtime only has a minimal chance of happening. It ensures business owners that any problems within the system could no longer happen again, thanks to the computerized data gathering processes that happen in the background.

  1. Electrical and Control Systems Engineering Services

Telstar employs engineers when performing this service to their clients. They wanted only the experts to handle this field, and it provides a solution to complex problems faced by industrial business owners. It allows the engineers to talk about a solution on any technical problem and providing the answer shortly after checking out what the cause of the problem might be.

  1. Maintenance and Validation Services

In the industrial field, wear and tear is a normal phenomenon faced by the machinery and equipment used on site. Telstar sends in professionals who would be inspecting the machinery and equipment, and refer the client to the best solution about their aging company equipment.

  1. Custom Control Panel and Motor Control Panel Manufacturing Services

Control panels have a special role in the industry—a set of commands are embedded in each control button and without it, processes would stop. Telstar helps out businesses that are starting to have problems with their panels by replacing it with a better one.

  1. Chemical Equipment Services

Telstar also provides businesses a maintenance service to their chemical equipment, ensuring better performance.

  1. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Services

This service provides business owners with the chance to create a new formulation for the development of drugs.

As you can see, Telstar is your 24/7 one-shop for SCADA, automation, and PLC systems.

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