The Importance of Home Maintenance

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Purchasing a house is a big milestone that doesn’t only signify a major accomplishment of your life but also the beginning of a new chapter that ensures a lifelong commitment. Honoring that commitment means sustaining the life of your home and all its aspects comprehensively. When you invest in appliances, hardware, furniture, and other necessary components, you hope to get your money’s worth. One way to ensure your assets are protected is to pay attention to maintenance without delaying potential repairs.

Before getting started with understanding why maintenance is so important, let’s visit its definition first. Home maintenance is basically homemaking with the added responsibility of “checking structures for functionality/performance.” The art is to ensure your home stays safe, secure, and prevents financial emergencies from occurring.

Any appliance in your home is bound to malfunction if not taken care of properly. This includes appliances like a refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, etc. In addition, the hardware of your home must also be inspected from time to time to ensure the insidious presence of organisms isn’t eating away the wood and other substances that pests prey on. Your kitchen cabinets, wooden furniture, doors, and window frames are all a potential source of sustenance for pests to feed on. Not to mention, once a pest invasion occurs, it becomes overwhelming to get rid of it. This may also result in disposing of your expensive household furniture.

Maintaining the home, however, does come with costs associated with it. It isn’t feasible to avoid certain things and doing so is only likely to cause more problems. This is where TotalProtect Home Warranty comes in. It’s more than just covering repairs and replacements for home appliances and systems. They are committed to providing you the right services and the right people at the right times. Employing timely repairs and fixes in the following areas can a way to keep the house up to the mark in an affordable manner.

Repairing the HVAC systems

In order to make timely repairs, it is first important to run inspection and keep an eye out for signs that indicate a problem is developing. Having an inspection can help you save a lot of money. For a small cost, as opposed to spending thousands of dollars in replacing an HVAC system, it is well worth it. In fact, the way you manage your household responsibilities can help you avoid losing a lot of your money.

Learn maintenance tips for your HVAC systems so that you can do the job yourself most of the time. Clean and change air filters at least once a month, keep the area around the system clean and debris free. Seek professional help for cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils at least once a year. Maintaining the HVAC system ensures its life span remains intact.


One of the best ways to prevent unnecessary expenses is by getting your roof ready for seasons. These small tips can help your roof overcome factors that make it vulnerable to strong winds, rain, and snow. Inspect your roof for missing or curled shingles; missing shingles might mean your shingles need proper fitting. If they’re curled, it means they can be blown away easily by the wind. When shingles are removed, your roof becomes more prone to leaks and other damages.


Plumbing is a very important task. According to Lake Macquarie plumber company CDL, plumbing maintenance generally differs on the climate and where you live, for example in colder climates you should winterize your plumbing pipes to avoid damage if you’re planning to leave your home vacant for some time. Winterizing is a process in which water is removed from the pipes to make sure it doesn’t freeze and expand causing the pipes to crack. The pressure stemming from the expansion of ice causes the pipe to lose shape and ultimately burst.

Pest Control

Pest control is a measure that ensures the species defined as pest are completely exterminated. These pests are typically rodents, insects, termites, and other insects that find their way into homes and urban environments. They thrive by feeding on food crumbs and other substances like wood. There are several ways to put an end to all stages of the life of pests, but a natural form of rodent control is encouraged. As with all hazards, exercising prevention is best. Keep your kitchen counter and floor clear of food particles at all times. Thoroughly wash the kitchen counter and mop the floor to remove any traces or residue of food. Throw out the garbage once it gets full as keeping it indoors for long tends to attract mice and insects.

Ultimately, prevention is the safest and most effective method of home maintenance. With proper inspection and timely fixtures, you can avoid costly repairs or replacement for a long enough time.

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