Wireless Home Security Systems for Apartments and Condominiums

When people think of break-ins, houses are usually the buildings that instantly come to mind. But according to a report, apartments and condominiums are actually 85 percent more likely to be attacked by burglars than single-family households. If you live in these kinds of homes, look into wireless home security systems. You will find that these are usually the best option.

5 Benefits of Wireless Home Security Systems

Wireless security products are devices that have no charging cords. It doesn’t need a plug since it uses batteries or other charging mechanisms. This type of system communicates without wires. Instead, it speaks to other security devices and, if applicable, monitoring services through the internet, radio waves, or cellular signals. This means that you don’t have to hardwire the device to the rest of your security system. With these in mind, here are the reasons why you should consider getting a wireless alarm system for your apartment or condominium:

  • It Offers DIY Installation. Since wireless home security systems communicate without wires, they are generally easy to set up. You won’t have to worry about tricky wiring issues or even drilling into your walls. You can install them quickly on your ownwith minimal tools. Since there aren’t any cables to rip out of your walls, the device is easy to remove if you have to relocate and install it in your new home.
  • It Provides Remote Operation. You can arm or disarm a wireless system remotely. Since it sends signals wirelessly, you will have control over your home environment with a touch on your smartphone or tablet from any part of the world. You can also sync the device with other parts of your home automated ecosystem. For example, you may lock or unlock your doors, adjust the thermostat, or access the panic button to alert the first responders if an emergency arises.
  • It Can Render Enhanced Protection. Wired systems that use physical cables can be cut to disable the alarm. It’s more difficult to tamper with a wireless network the old-fashioned way since it uses a password. Besides, wireless home security systems have backup batteries. If a potential intruder cuts the power, your security should continue to work for as long as the battery lasts. Modern wireless alarm packages are generally more advanced with better features than their traditional counterpart.
  • It Is Easy to Modify. Since the equipment is not physically connected to the rest of the system, it would be easy to upgrade the hardware components of your wireless device. For example, you can request additional sensors when the need arises.

Tips to Help Improve Home Security

Living in an apartment or condominium usually means having to endure significant foot traffic. This proximity to other renters and homeowners becomes a contributing factor to burglary attacks. This is because intrusions become less detectable unless a reliable security system is installed around the building. Aside from placing your own security system, you can protect your home or rental space by:

  • Changing your door locks.
  • Bolstering any sliding doors.
  • Using window curtains or blinds.
  • Making sure that all your lights work.
  • Getting a homeowner’s or renter’s insurance.
  • Gathering information about local crimes.

When coupled with the right home security system, these steps can significantly improve your sense of security at home.

The reported burglary rate in the United States may have declined, but you still have to take extra measures to protect yourself and your family against home invasion. Wireless alarm systems will not make your home 100 percent burglary-proof. But you can definitely make access to your property extremely difficult so that the potential intruder will skip your house and go elsewhere.

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