The Ultimate Guide to Crushing Your Next Business Trip

There was once an old saying that the sun never set on the British Empire; that because the British’s reach was so expansive, somewhere on the globe the sun was shining on a piece of land occupied by the empire. Now, a modernized version of that saying might go like this: the sun never sets on the modern workday. Technological advancements have enabled employees to work anywhere, at anytime. And you might say that business never sleeps because of it. However, even the most savvy pro can struggle from time-to-time to be productive while traveling for business. Fortunately, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to staying on top of your work –– no matter where your next trip takes you!

Isolate Yourself

This might sound extreme, but it’s one of the sure-fire ways to get yourself back on track in a foreign environment. Don’t plan to get your work done at a coffee shop or a bar –– even the most mundane places can prove distracting when you’re seeing them for the first time. Instead, make sure to find a place where you won’t be taken away from your work. Close the blinds on your hotel room, go to a library –– hide yourself away in a cave if you have to –– just ensure that you get the alone time you need to complete your assignments. And if you need to collaborate on a project with others, like focus group recruiting, or negotiating a settlement, set aside certain times of the day to complete those tasks.

Keep Your Trip Centralized

If at all possible, try to arrange it so that you’ll be able commute quickly from where you’re staying to where you’re conducting business. Whether by finding a hotel that’s physically close to your place of work, or landing a room that’s near a major public transport hub (i.e. train station, bus stop) cutting down on unnecessary travel will grant you more time –– for work as well as play.

Pack like a Pro

No, you probably won’t need your house slippers next time you travel –– but you’ll definitely need your phone charger. Make a list of essential items you can’t function without, and pack your things a day in advance. Throwing your suitcase together at the last minute practically guarantees that you’ll forget something vital.

Stop Working –– For a While, at Least

A business trip is about just that –– business. But you’d be cheating yourself if you didn’t budget for time to explore a new city or country. Travel offers an opportunity to learn something new about the world and your place in it; plan accordingly to discover something new and unexpected on each trip you take.

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