Trade Your Way To Being A Digital Nomad!

As Digital Nomads, the key to our lifestyle is the ability to travel anywhere we so wish without being restrained to anyone physical location. Whilst living such a lifestyle is a dream to many, even this dream requires a degree of realism, i.e. a way for us nomads to make enough money for us to travel around.

Whilst many people often perceive those who are digital nomads as being a rare sort of individual who by pure luck, managed to either land himself a job where he can work from anywhere in the world or a person who got lucky in the blogosphere, this in no way represents all digital nomads. For a growing number of digital nomads are attaining this lifestyle through a specific skill; one which we can all learn if we so wish. And this skill is trading the financial markets!

So why is trading the stock market (or Forex, commodities market, etc.) such a good money making route for the average Joe to attain a digital nomad lifestyle? Well for one thing, trading the financial markets doesn’t require any actual inherent talent which would be required if you wanted to become a successful blogger, aka talent for writing. Nor does it require one to have the skills of a bargain hunter (essential if you want to resell products on eBay).

When it comes to trading the financial markets online, all one really needs is to give themselves a bit of education on how to trade the markets, as well as an ongoing awareness of how the markets are generally performing. As we shall soon see, the ability to attain this knowledge is not as hard as you might think.

So how can one become a digital nomad by trading the financial markets? Well only a few decades ago, if one wanted to place a trade, they would have to either be working in a financial district (like the Square Mile, London), else phone their brokers and place their order directly. Yet with the rise of the world-wide web, many of the larger, reputable brokers have gone onto create their own online trading platforms.

It is through these online trading platforms that one can now log online from anywhere in the world and having set up an account with these online brokers (which is easy to do) and deposited a small bit of capital, they are now able to start trading the financial markets. So, a trader who is also a digital nomad can now essentially trade from anywhere in the world, just as long as he or she happens to have good internet creativity. And in recent years, many of the online brokers have gone on to create a mobile app version of their online trading platform. As such, you physically don’t need a computer or laptop to trade, a trader can now do it from his mobile.

As many real-life traders who are now also digital nomads would contest, through online trading, they can land in some exotic country (say Thailand or Columbia) and upon arriving at their hotel rooms, can access the internet via their laptop, smartphone, etc. do some quick research on how the financial markets are doing, followed by logging into whatever online trading platform they are with and put on a few trades. Once the trades have been put on, they are than free to shut down whatever it is they were doing, head on out and experience the fruits of whatever that country has to offer!

Many people who decide to become digital nomads unfortunately end up picking remote-based businesses which whilst allowing them to work from anywhere in the world, still requires their full hourly participation if they want to earn their income and freedom. Therefore, whilst they are free to essentially travel the world, if they are forced to spend hours a day in front of a computer, then they might as well have stayed at home. Trading however only takes a few hours a day and rest of the time a digital nomad can spend as his own.

If this lifestyle interests you, then I would consider you try CMC Markets as a good trading platform!

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