The Value of the Trucking Industry

Trucking Transport Services Overview

Businesses, regardless of size, greatly depend on the trucking services industry to keep up with their fast delivery times and to bring the products safely to their destinations. Unknown to many, the trucking services industry manages more cargo compared to planes, ships, or trains. Without trucks, essential goods could never travel from rail yards to airports and ports to their final places of destination.

Should the trucking industry be put to halt, the economy of a country would also be put on hold. Trucking services make up 68 percent of all the freight tonnage in the US. In other words, almost 70 percent of all the freight moved in the country is done through trucks.

This ranges from medicine to food to manufacturing and waste removal. In the US, every year, almost $700 billion of shipped goods travel by truck. This makes the trucking industry crucial to the health of the US economy.

This potential is one of the major reasons that someone could be encouraged by the trucking industry. This might propel them to learn how to start a trucking company. In this article, we share the top things that could happen if the trucking services industry is put to a halt or if it fails.

Failure In Transporting Goods

Trucks or trucking services make their first contribution to the economy as soon as they start delivering raw materials to the manufacturers. For instance, truck transport delivers raw materials from local suppliers like farms, mines, logging locations, and quarries to factories and processing plants that need the materials to transform them into products. These finished products are then shipped by trucking services to retailers, wholesalers, and to other transport mediums to travel by airplane, ship, or train to various places of destination around the region, country, or across the globe.

Economic Impact

As soon as the trucking services industry stops, the nation automatically stops. What most people do not realize is that many crucial industries will begin to feel its effect in as fast as 24 hours. Delivery of medicines and medical supplies will stop and hospitals will run out of essential supplies. Additionally, Tasmanian oil and diesel delivery is essential not only for your everyday commute but also for a lot of industries like construction and the trucking industry itself. Without the delivery of fuel, gas stations will start running out of fuel which will cause long lines and impact work commutes. Aside from these, the delivery of mail and parcels will stop. These are just within 24 hours of no trucking services.

Employment Effect

In the US, there are 800,000 truck drivers working in the truck transport services earning approximately $30 billion annually. Small trucking businesses operate on the owner-operator model. Bigger trucking transport services, most of the time, hire union drivers. Trucking associations protect the interest of the trucking industry as a whole, while unions work to protect the interests of the drivers.

Political Influence

Since the truck transport services play a major role in the economy of a country, it also has a major impact in its politics. The American Trucking Association is a big organization for trucking companies and plays a major role in politics. There are several laws implemented to protect the safety of civilians like restricting trucks to travel on certain roads. In addition, there are laws that protect drivers from driving if they have not had enough rest. There are also laws that regulate the speed limits and many other laws that benefit truck drivers and the public.

It is difficult to put a number on how trucking transport services contribute to the economy because the impact is far beyond the employment and financial contributions of the industry to the country’s GDP. If it were not for trucks, the majority of the businesses would be paralyzed and would not be able to operate. The upstream part is the most important contribution of truck transport services in the country’s economy.

Finally, when the truck transportation services industry shuts down due to a natural disaster or to a terrorist attack, it will most likely have a massive impact on the food, transportation, manufacturing, waste removal, retail, financial, and health care industry. Unlike other industries, trucking has a high rate of turnover because of long work hours and a long distance away from home. Therefore, an efficient trucking transportation industry requires outstanding management. The trucking industry is vital to the economy of the US and truckers are in high demand.

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