What Will The Office Of The Future Be Like?


From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed you probably use at least some kind of technology these days. After all, you’d have to use a form of tech just to read this article. Did you know that by the year 2025 many businesses aim to have technology take the place of pesky and tiresome processes in the workplace? The advent of new tech all the time is paving the way for some truly unique and groundbreaking ways in which tech can take us from a monotonous day job, to a streamlined and productive day with great ways to track productivity and ensure that our physical and mental health needs are being met. So what are some of the great ways in which technology is developing to make our future lives easier? Welcome to your office – 2025.

Robot Boss

That’s right – a robotic boss. Don’t be fooled – management will still be needed, but at what degree remains to be seen. What can be assumed is that many jobs in middle management and team leaders will possibly be replaced by robotic managerial staff, especially if they don’t necessarily add value to the team or don’t provide a key role to the business. A great example of this is using a robotic manager for check ins and updates with a largely mobile or remote team where having a human employee may not be the most ideal solution due to logistics. A Virtual/AI boss may also be employed in such a manner.

Smart Glasses

This is one of the coolest ways that tech is being developed with business in mind. With Google Glass and other smart glasses and their augmented or virtual reality, they will help many workplaces streamline processes, cut down on bulky paper files, and even provide a possibility of having mobile offices with the ability to access your files on the go without needing a desk. With the ability to do things such as site visits, access files of all kinds and organise communications through your Google Glass or other smart glasses, it’s easy to see how the office of the future could be almost anywhere and everywhere using a simple pair of glasses..

Virtual Reality and Streamlined Communications

One of the biggest developments in the office for workers that human, robot and AI is that of communication and streamlined, easy communication at that. Through advancements such as sip trunking from Talk Talk Business, unified communication applications can be used throughout workplaces to help create a single point where all communication can be done simply. Unified communication applications can include things like telephone calls, desktop sharing, web conferencing and more which will help create a more virtual workplace which can save companies time and money.

So how do you think the office of the future will look? In 2025, we can expect a bunch of great new advances in our modern tech to have been developed further to help us really get the most from each day. Who knows – we might even get to spend less time at work and more time enjoying ourselves. Win-win, right?

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