4 Jobs to Fund Your Wanderlust as You Travel

If you believe world travel is too expensive, the truth is that it doesn’t have to be. No money? No problem. If you need to scratch the wanderlust itch, you can work your way from place to place. Below are several proven ways to earn as you go.

Traveling Workers Needed

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Even without a glut of marketable skills, people hire people, especially those with a can-do attitude. While keeping that idea in mind, look for opportunities before you leave home, and you’ll improve your chances of landing employment when you need it.

Travelers have plenty of opportunities in the 21st century, from migrant agricultural stints to freelance digital assignments. You can make your travel plans according to seasonal working options, or you can plan on visiting cities and towns with reliable internet service. We live in interesting times, and a bit of forethought will help you get where you want to go … hopefully with money to spare.

The Employable Nomad

The traveling community posts many helpful suggestions online. If you’re comfortable enough doing manual labor, look for farming and construction opportunities others have found in your chosen destination. For the digitally minded, websites and offline media producers require a constant supply of fresh content. Below are four paths the working nomad can consider.

Fruit Picking: A long day outside picking ripe fruit is an honest day’s work worthy of honest pay. Orchards and vineyards hire extra hands during harvest. If you know how to operate tractors, heavy-duty equipment such as forklifts and telehandlers, or any other farm machinery, your chances of getting hired can only improve.

Carpentry: Whether you’re a master or a journeyman, or you simply know how to operate a circular saw, working with wood is a relatively easy way to earn money. You’ll have better chances being employed for a smaller building project for a daily wage. The more you work, the more you’ll build your reputation of trustworthiness. This method works well if you’re content to stay in a single location.

Handiwork: This area dovetails with carpentry and includes other repair work such as plumbing, electrical, and flooring. Some countries are more flexible than others, as are employers. Your skill set can set you apart from backpacking college grads looking for seasonal work. Homeowners, though they may be competent, usually pay well to get jobs done correctly.

Digital Freelance: Writers and image editors are in relatively high demand, and they are not necessarily tied to a location. With basic mobile platforms and software, and reliable Wi-Fi, you can set up your virtual office in an alpine cafe or coastal condominium. Search online for a bounty of local and international freelance opportunities.

Preparation Is Key

These ideas demonstrate that your finances may not be as limiting to your travel plans as you may think. Manage your money well, live within your means, and keep abreast of visa requirements at your destination. With some forethought and a sense of adventure, you may find that working your way around the world can become a satisfying way of living.

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