5 Items To Never Forget When You Travel

Packing for a vacation is both exciting and stressful. It’s great to be looking forward to a nice trip, and the planning part often gives rise to feelings of almost being in that new destination. But it’s also a bit nerve wracking when the time to pack finally arrives, especially when it comes to the smaller add on items that we so often forget.  To help you ease into your next vacation we put together a list of 5 items that you might not have considered but which could make your trip better, safer and more enjoyable. Best of all these items don’t take up much space and they add very little weight to your baggage.

Phone Chargers

Chargers are one of the things we forget to bring, and they are one of the most necessary pieces of equipment to have.  They allow you to keep your phone and other devices at full power.  For most of us our smart phones are also our mapping tools, our cameras and our currency converters, so having a charged phone is crucial. It’s also smart to bring a small universal plug adaptor, especially if you’re traveling to a foreign country.  If you have room a small power bank like this one is a great way to keep charged on the go.

Medical & Travel Documents

While it’s always a good idea to got into a vacation with a positive mindset, one does need to prepare for medical emergencies and other calamities.  Make sure you bring photocopies of your important documents—medical, insurance and all travel documents and itineraries, along with credit card information (numbers to call in case cards are lost). It’s a good idea to have both printed copies of this information and photos of them on your phone.  If you’re travelling abroad make a copy of the main page of your passport as well.

A Packable Jacket

Unless you’re travelling to a tropical beach where you’ll wear nothing but a bathing suit the entire time it’s a good idea to plan for cool weather.  These days many brands offer lightweight and highly packable down jackets.  Down has some great advantages-it’s warm but it is also easy to compress down into a tiny ball.  Many down jackets scrunch down to a size where they will fit into their own packets or a small cinch sack, so it won’t take up much space in your suitcase. This version from REI is both affordable and very easy to pack.

A Portable Smoking Device

Now that cannabis is become legal in some many parts of the world and is being used for medical purposes it’s a good idea to bring a vape pen or a small hand pipe with you when you travel.  These items are useful and very small, and could allow you to consume safely and legally in your destination.  Be sure to thoroughly clean the items before and after usage as you do not want to travel with residue.

Anti-Bacterial Wipes

According to some studies the average surface in a public space houses over 30,000 bacteria.  This is especially true of airplanes, cruise ships and other forms of transport (buses, subways, taxis). To prevent yourself and your loved ones from getting sick it’s a great to bring a box of wipes or antibacterial spray. Make sure to look for an antibacterial brand or product that uses BZK. In addition to killing germs BZK helps keep the skin from getting dry.

Pet Supplies

If you intend to travel with your pets, you need a large cat carrier or a kennel for your dog. You will also need your pet’s documents, including proof that they were vaccinated against diseases that can be passed on to people. Make sure that you also bring your pet’s favorite snacks or healthy high fiber cat food. Take regular breaks to check that your companion is feeling at ease. Since travel can be very stressful for pets, you also have to ensure that they are kept well-hydrated. If you intend to take a flight to your destination, make sure you check the airline’s policy beforehand and that your carrier is airline approved. Some airlines aren’t going to allow you to keep your cat or dog next to you in the cabin and flying them in the cargo can be extremely dangerous — there have been cases of pets dying because of the extremely low temperatures in the cargo.
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