5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Go On a Cruise

Last year I went on my first ever cruise and I must be honest, the only reason that I went is because someone bought me a gift which meant that I would be spending 2 weeks on a Star Clippers ship heading around Indonesia. Prior to this trip I would have told you that I would never even entertain the idea of going on a cruise but after the vacation that I had, I am now officially converted.

In fact, I think that everyone should go on a cruise at some point in their lives and here is exactly why I have changed my tune.

Multiple Destinations

Usually if you were going to go on a trip that included multiple destinations, it would be a troublesome vacation with is filled with traveling from point to point, and then usually feeling too tired to enjoy your destination. On a cruise ship however, you can not only travel to multiple destinations in a single trip, but you can also get from place to place with absolute ease aboard your vessel.

Entertainment Central

My ideas around what  the ship would look like could not be further from the truth and I was pleasantly surprised to find that the cruise ship itself was more luxurious and more accommodating than the majority of hotels which I have spent time in. To be honest, I would have been happy just sailing around the ocean on the boat and not getting off until I got home. The boat was packed with swimming pools, casinos, restaurants, bars, cinemas and even a theater and life on board was absolutely brilliant.


I had a notion about cruises before I left that they were obscenely priced and terrible value of money. Now, I know that I was traveling on a trip because someone bought it for me but I did happen to see the price of the trip itself and I was really surprised at how cheap it was compared to the price which I had in my mind. The best bit about the price which you pay is that there is loads included such as food and drinks on board the ship. If you think that cruises are expensive, think again.


Another notion that I had which was quickly dispelled was that on a cruise, everything would be organized and you would have to go to the places which the staff told you to. There was nothing like this going on during the cruise and when we docked at port, everyone had the option to go and explore or stay on the cruise ship. There were plenty of tours available should you have wanted to go on one but these were optional and I loved the sense of freedom which we had on board.

Night time

There are few things to rival relaxing by the swimming pool with a cold drink in your hand as you float along the ocean under a night filed with stars. I loved sea life and it was the night time which I loved the most, something which you’ll never find on any other type of vacation.

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