6 Essential Car Gadgets for a Company Vehicle

The company vehicle, you either hate it or you love it. Most of the time what is supposed to be a functional and a highly sought-after company asset among employees turns out to be the thing no one wants to use – pimping out the company car doesn’t always land at the top of the priorities list. However, the corporate vehicle is one of the essential elements of a thriving business, whether it serves as personal transportation for field employees, or if you’re managing a fleet of cars.

This means that a modern company vehicle needs to be equipped with the latest gadgets and tech in order to provide road safety, passenger comfort, and unparalleled functionality. Here are the six essential car gadgets every company vehicle should have.

Reliable GPS tracker

A company car is a valuable asset, one you do not want to lose track of or misplace at any moment. What’s more, there is a need to monitor the vehicle and its occupants from a centralized location in order to ensure their safety and provide constant support.

That’s why an integrated GPS tracking device is one of the most important elements your company vehicle shouldn’t hit the road without. A GPS tracker will not only provide you with usage statistics and valuable data you can use to improve employee and customer experience, but it will also allow you to monitor the position and status of the vehicle from anywhere in the world.

Dash and rear-view camera

There is no telling what kind of mishap you or your employees might experience on the road, and a front or rear collision is a distinct possibility. No matter how much you trust your driving skills, or the skills of your employees, you can never know how (in)experienced the other driver is. This is why you want to be able to have a wider view of your surroundings. There are numerous benefits of having a rear camera on your vehicle, especially if you are transporting goods and can’t always see behind.

What’s more, nowadays it has become extremely popular to try and get away with car insurance fraud, and there are people out there who will try to unlawfully take your money by claiming your ran into them. Luckily, dash cam footage is court-admissible, providing solid proof of your innocence, thus helping you save money and your reputation in the eyes of the public.

Compact car vacuum

Providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience to both the driver and the passenger is paramount whether you’re operating a limo service or simply trying to keep your employees happy and stress-free. While your company car should be sent for a thorough scrub-down at a trusted car wash every month, it’s also important that the driver keeps the interior tidy and clean as much as possible in the meantime.

This is where a compact, portable car vacuum can come in handy, as it will fit perfectly in the trunk without taking up too much space, while allowing the driver to tidy up the interior at a moment’s notice. Moreover, with numerous attachments at hand, you should have no problem reaching into every nook and cranny as well.

Bluetooth adapter for quality tunes

Sometimes, complete silence is just what the driver and the passenger need to enjoy a soothing ride, and sometimes the mood necessitates quality tunes to spice up the journey. Whatever the case may be, listening to music will always be an inextricable part of driving, and a company car (or its passengers) should never find itself at the mercy of a local radio station.

Instead, by simply hooking up your smartphone via Bluetooth to the car’s stereo, you can pick and choose your favourite music, and provide exactly what the passenger needs to enjoy a comfortable ride. Even if you’re not driving a newer model, you can still enjoy the benefits of modern technology by installing a Bluetooth adapter.

Mobile app key tracker

At one point or another, someone is going to start panicking over a lost set of keys. Now, losing your car keys is bad news in any scenario, but when you have a reputation to uphold or a shipment that needs to be delivered pronto, losing the keys to your car can be downright disastrous.

To avoid this, just switch to smart keys and register the key tracker in a dedicated smartphone app. That way, you’ll never have to worry about losing your keys again as you can always fire up the tracker and let your smartphone guide you in the right direction.

Smartphone holder

Last but not least, the piece of equipment no male driver will ever admit he needs – the smartphone holder. Yes, driving with one hand while holding a phone in the other might make you feel cool, it might even come as second nature to you, but at some point, it might put your life in danger. This is not something to be taken lightly, and it’s a dangerous habit that has to be eliminated. Plus, it’s against the law.

Just install a smartphone holder near the steering wheel, hook it up to the stereo so that you can enjoy a hands-free conversation, and enable voice control so that you can have all of the navigation features at the ready – functional, practical, and safe.

A modern company vehicle needs to provide an amazing experience to the driver and the passenger, bringing together unparalleled comfort and functionality while increasing safety across the board. To that end, be sure these essential gadgets find their way into your company cars in order secure your assets the right way.

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