American Federal Auto – Top Tips On Maintaining Your Vehicle

Car maintenance is a vitally important part of being a car owner, doing so not only ensures that your vehicle doesn’t depreciate in value too much, but it can also save you money. A car which is not well maintained will run into problems, and could end up costing you quite a bit of money. In order to avoid this, it is imperative that you are always aware of how well you are maintaining your vehicle.

First you must ensure that you buy a car which is in good condition, look for a solid dealership such as American Federal Auto. I not only ensure that I buy good cars, but I have always kept a keen eye on how I look after my cars and I wanted to share with you some top tips on ensuring that your vehicle is well maintained.


The first step to make is ensuring that your car is covered against something going wrong. This helps greatly in terms of overall maintenance as it means that the second something does go wrong with your car, you will have the best care at great speed. Whilst things like insurance are of course obligatory, it will also be worth your while investing in additional warranty cover and break down cover.

Driving Style

Caring for your car is about more than just what you do when it is stationary, it is also about what you do when the car is moving. Your driving style has a direct impact on how well maintained your car is, and this is one of the most important aspects in caring for your vehicle. If you drive like a lunatic, at high speeds, braking late, flying around bends and poorly managing your gearbox, you cannot be surprised when the car begins to gradually have issues. Make sure that you drive smart and sensible, not only to keep you safe on the road, but also to better look after you car.

Regular Checks

If there are any parts of the car which are not operating 100%, a trip to the mechanics every 6 months or so is the best way to ensure that they get spotted and fixed at speed. Not spotting or fixing a problem, will only mean that as more miles are raced up on the car’s odometer, the problem will exacerbate, and you could be left with an even bigger problem on your hands.


Cleaning your car regularly does not just mean that you will have a shiny vehicle to drive in, it will also greatly help in the overall maintenance of the vehicle. When grime and dirt are lodged onto the paintwork and allowed to stay there, it bonds with the paint and could very well take off the paintwork on the car, when it is eventually cleaned. The same goes for the car’s interior, if you want to keep the car’s value for longer, make sure that you also keep the inside clean.

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