Essential accessories for traveling on your motorbike

Long-distance motorcycle rides can seem appealing for a variety of reasons. You’ll be able to ride for miles and miles without being bothered to talk to anyone, and you’ll get to see a plethora of sceneries that you probably wouldn’t pay attention to in other circumstances, even when traveling by plane.

But motorcycle riding stops being fun when it gets painful, right? For today’s article, we have prepared a list of essential accessories you ought to consider getting if you enjoy going on vacation with your motorbike.

Safety-related items

If you are a well-seasoned motorcyclist, you probably know that your helmet should always be an important part of your protective gear. But there are many others that you should consider wearing, and they range from knee and elbow protectors to full-body suits that will keep you safe in the hopefully unlikely event of a fall.

If you intend to travel at night, even though we do not recommend it, you may have to make sure that you have some type of reflective strips on your jacket or vest. Don’t risk your safety just because it’s cool to ride your bike just dressed in a T-shirt. Always make sure you wear an airbag vest. Here are some products compared that we thought you might enjoy.


There are two things that can take your trip to a whole new level and they are a motorcycle GPS and a Bluetooth helmet. With the second, you will finally be able to listen to music, and you won’t have to make an effort to try to fit those headphones back into your ears once you’ve pulled your helmet on your head.

The purpose of the GPS is rather self-explanatory. When you’re out of town, you probably have no idea what road you’re supposed to take. If you use the freeway, it can even be more complicated to find out what the right direction really is. A GPS can come in handy in such situations. Best of all, some of them can even be used as MP3 players when the audio directions aren’t necessary.

Your comfort matters

If you intend to spend more than two hours on your motorbike, you should know that you might have to handle a little pain at some point or the other. Naturally, it would be far better for you to take breaks so that you stretch your body regularly. If you can, pull in a parking lot every hour and a half.

Some things that can increase your comfort or at least alleviate part of your pain are motorcycle seat cushions and actual chairs. Of course, few motorbikes come with integrated chairs, and they’re mostly found on touring models. If you can’t get any of these two, the least you could do is invest in a quality gel pad. You wouldn’t believe how painful your rear can get after spending several hours in the same position.

Quality gloves can also make the difference when it comes to your comfort. Make sure that they aren’t overly rigid because your fingers will inevitably become numb since you’ll have to keep them wrapped around the handlebars. However, they do have to be thick enough to provide adequate protection and keep you warm when you’re riding on chilly days.

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