Awesome Autumn Getaways For 2018

Now that summer is in full swing and we’re heading into the later half shortly it’s time to start thinking about those awesome autumn getaways that you will want to get in on before the weather changes. Depending what you like to do and how much money you have at your disposal might dictate where you go, so we have made up this list of great locations to head to with a cost rating to help you pick the perfect getaway for your budget!

Italy (Moderate to Expensive)

If you love history, culture, great food and amazing wine, then head to Italy for your autumn break. While it can range in pricing, parts of this amazing country can be done on a budget. From Naples and its Leaning Tower of Pisa to Rome and the countless treasures such as the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps and more all the way to the colourful villages of the Amalfi Coast, Italy has something for everyone. Whether you’re the type who likes to wander back alleys and try local cuisines from hole in the wall local restaurants or you’re more akin to kicking back in luscious resorts, this part of the Med will cater to your every whim and budget.

Egypt (Cheap)

Following a few years of economic and governmental instability has seen Egypt take a tumble in terms of being a tourist hot spot, but things are turning around for this welcoming country that acts as a gateway between the Middle East and Africa. With so many things to see and do, it’s no wonder so many tourists have often jetted away to its history laden shores to explore both modern and ancient history of the region. Sail the Nile and explore temples of Egyptian Gods, dive with manta rays and a plethora of colourful sea creatures or wander the maze-like streets of Cairo to explore the souks. You never know what you might experience in Egypt. Depending where you go and what you do, you can live on as little as ten to fifteen dollars per day for a tight budget.

Morocco (Cheap)

This unique country tucked in the northwest corner of Africa is home to some of the most welcoming people and interesting opportunities for adventure seekers. With the Atlantic coast and its sometimes high waves, Morocco is a great place for surfers of all skill level and many come here to do surf-yoga mixed retreats for significantly less than they ask for in the likes of Portugal or Spain. Visit the leather dye vats in Fez, the souks of Marrakech or head out to the Sahara desert for overnight visits to Berber camps where you can watch the sunset over the dunes as the Milky Way comes into view.

Georgia (Cheap to Moderate)

This newcomer to the mainstream tourist scene, Georgia is tucked between Russia, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan. With a rich and varied history including many years of Soviet occupation, Georgia’s capital Tbilisi is today a cosmopolitan city that rivals those of western Europe. Outside the city, the country gets significantly more rustic but breathtakingly gorgeous with high, snow capped mountains, rushing rivers, and vineyards that offer up some of the most delicious wine on earth (and no, that’s not an exaggeration!).  Depending what you do and how you choose to live (and whether you spend most of the time in Tbilisi or not) you can expect to live on around twenty to twenty five dollars a day here, and that’s giving you a bit of wiggle room to play with. We recommend going for thirty to forty per day though if you really want to indulge (and we totally think you should!)

**A warning on Georgia though – temperatures can plummet quickly into October, so plan ahead and bring warm clothes if going in the later half of the month. Likewise some tourist locations may become cut off as heavy mountain snows descend from the north, so if you don’t want to miss out, try to plan your holiday for September at the latest**

So if you’re wanting to hit the road this autumn for a great getaway before the weather changes, check out one of the options above. With so many great things to do in each, it’s no wonder they are all continuing to be hot tourist destinations with both luxury and budget travellers alike.

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