Common Skin Problems: Causes and Remedies

The human skin is unique in its ability to regulate moisture, retain its texture, and more importantly, controlling sweat. However, when the skin is exposed to extreme conditions such as outdoor environment, some properties of the skin are lost. Some of the common skin conditions we experience as humans include dry lips, thigh chafing, and cracked heels. The following is a comprehensive analysis of what causes the above skin conditions and the most appropriate DIY remedies for these skin conditions.

Thigh chafing: Causes and Remedies

Thigh chafing is an annoying skin related complication any person can experience, whether while shopping or while on a picnic. Although thigh chafing is most common with bodybuilders and athletes, anybody can experience this uncomfortable skin rubbing. There are tons of explanations on why legs chafing is common, but the simplest and the most straightforward explanation is excessive sweating. The following are some DIY remedies for legs chafing and their advantages.

First, consider changing the type of workout clothes since clothes can have a great impact on legs chafing. This remedy applies to fitness enthusiasts and people interested in taking short walks.  Cotton clothes, especially the loose cotton clothes, are not a good choice for workouts and walks because of sweat. These types of clothes are synonymous with poor absorption of moisture and therefore causing discomforts.

Second, thanks to technology, anti-chafing powders can be a good remedy for thigh chafing. Changing the wardrobe may not be a viable option on a long-term basis, but having a powder, purposely designed for thigh chafing, is a game changer. In this case, the anti-chafing powder helps the body in absorbing the excess moisture, mainly caused by sweating.

Dry lips: Causes and Remedies

One of the most annoying skin conditions is dry lips. First, lips are what everybody notices when in a conversation, and dry lips can be a conversation killer. Second, there are numerous misconceptions about dry lips, and this explains the reason people spend thousands of dollars buying lips products. Although most of these products work, there are tons of alternative remedies to dry lips. However, the choice of the remedy depends on one preference and the frequency of lips drying. Some of the common remedies include the following.

First, the honey-sugar mixture is arguably one of the most used remedies for dry lips. The main reason why this remedy is popular is the availability of sugar and honey, and the fact that mixing the two ingredients do not require any level of specialty or special equipment. The other beautiful aspect of this remedy is that there is no special formula for mixing the two. The honey-sugar remedy is, however, not a long-term solution to recurrent dry lips, but it is effective for short-term dryness.

Second, there are lip balms with sunscreen, and they are effective for removing and preventing dryness on lips. Although this approach to treating dryness depends on how often you are outdoors, lip balms are synonymous with soft and smooth lips. There are tons of lips balms with sunscreen properties, and the choice depends on one’s preference. Just like honey-sugar mixture, lip balms are not a long-term solution for dry lips.

For long terms solution to dry lips, it is important to increase your water intake. Dermatologists have identified a connection between dry lips and dehydration. Second, using flavored lip balms is discouraged since the flavors in most products can react with the sensitive lip’s skin.

Cracked heels: Causes and Remedies

Statistics show that one out of five adults in the USA experience cracked heels in their adult life. This number is an indication that although the skin problem is controllable, it is still a widespread condition. Unlike other widespread skin conditions, cracked heels can be controlled by some simple DIY methods, and this means that one does not need to speed thousands of dollars on medication.

The most common way to control cracked heels is by scrubbing feet. In this process, however, you need warm/hot water, foot scrubber, regular moisturizer, and more importantly petroleum jelly. The procedure is simple; you should first dip your feet in warm/hot water before gently scrubbing your heels. After scrubbing the feet for about five minutes, use moisturizer before finally using petroleum jelly. The main advantage of this process is that, unlike other commercial options, the products in this procedure are readily available.

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