What’s the Best Alternative to Smoking?

The best alternative to smoking is quitting – but that doesn’t mean it’s not difficult and painful. You can make the process easier and less painful by using the second-best alternative to smoking, vaping, which can work as a transition phase. Both alternatives are less harmful than smoking, with benefits you can start to enjoy the moment you put out your last cigarette.

Best Alternative: Quitting Altogether

The benefits of putting down cigarettes are huge, and they start right away. Within 20 minutes of putting down your final cigarette, your heart rate returns to normal. The carbon monoxide levels in your blood return to normal after about 12 hours. After about 90 days, your lungs start working better while your risk of heart attack decreases.

Additional benefits down the road include improvements in your sense of hearing, your immune system, blood circulation and muscle strength. Your bones become stronger, your skin becomes clearer, and you’ll also enjoy a reduction in belly fat as well as a lowered risk of diabetes.

Daily perks include no longer smelling like smoke, having fresher breath, and not having to worry about nicotine stains on your fingers or teeth. You’ll also save money from not having to buy cigarettes or replace things damaged by smoke or cigarette burns.

The downside of quitting smoking with no other alternative in place is how difficult and painful it can be. Nicotine withdrawal symptoms can be tough on your body, while stopping an existing habit that’s entrenched in your brain can be tough on your mind. Cravings can be maddening, making it essential to have some type of support or plan to deal with them when they hit.

Second-Best Alternative: Vaping

One plan you can use to deal with cravings, nicotine withdrawal and the challenge of giving up an ingrained habit is vaping. While your long-term goal can still be to put down cigarettes and vaping altogether, vaping can help during a transition period right after you quit cigarettes to make the process less painful.

You’ll still enjoy health benefits, with a Public Health England report rating vaping about 95 percent safer than traditional cigarettes. The smoke from traditional cigarettes contains more than 4,000 chemicals, 43 of which are compounds known to produce cancer.

The most dangerous chemicals are produced from combustion when cigarettes are lit. Vaping devices use heat, not flame, which means there’s no combustion involved.

You’ll also enjoy the daily perks of not smelling like smoke, having fresher breath, and eliminating yellow nails and teeth. Vaping is less expensive than traditional cigarettes, typically costing less than half the annual amount you’d spend on cigarettes.

Choosing a real tobacco e-liquid, like Black Note, can also make the process easier. Flavored by real tobacco extract, Black Note tobacco vaping liquid can satiate cravings while delivering an authentic tobacco taste.

Black Note real tobacco e-liquid also comes with five different nicotine level options, allowing you to gradually decrease nicotine intake to eliminate or reduce the severity of nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Using vaping as part of a transition plan between smoking and quitting altogether has already worked for millions, providing an easier way to eventually put down both vaping and cigarettes. The second-best alternative to smoking can be the first alternative you turn to, helping you move toward the best alternative of quitting as your ultimate goal.

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