Easy Fixes to Get Your Vacuum Cleaner Working Again


When a vacuum cleaner stops working properly, many people will simply throw the whole thing away and get a new one instead of trying to get to the bottom of the issue. But many of the issues that arise with a typical Hoover Vacuum cleaner are caused by small problems that are not difficult to repair.

This where you use Hoover spares that are actually very easy to order and can be fixed in the device within a few minutes. Here is a look at a few typical problems that arise with a Hoover over the years, and the simple ways they can be fixed.

Lack of Suction

One of the most common problems that arises with a Hoover is the lack of suction. This can mean pieces of dirt and dust are left on the floor surface after cleaning, or pet hair remains on the carpet no matter how many times the Hoover is passed over the surface. Many people who have given up on a Hoover unit do so because the unit just doesn’t clean as well as before, or maybe does not clean the floor at all. If the motor of the unit turns on, but it isn’t cleaning effectively, there are a few possible causes:

  • Clogs in the main unit
  • Worn out filter
  • Broken belt

Any of these issues can be fixed simply by getting a spare and putting it into the unit. There are many videos on YouTube and similar sites that can help guide you through the process. With a small fix, the suction power of the unit can be restored, and it can work just as effectively as before.

Unit Does Not Turn On

There are some vacuums that will fail to turn on when the switch is pressed. This is likely to make the owner think that it is time to get rid of the unit as this seems like a major issue. But the truth is that this can also be due to an easily fixable issue with the motor inside the unit. A replacement motor can help a Hoover continue to work for many years to come. The motor assembly inside the typical vacuum is easy to reach, and can be replaced using tools that are usually already in the home.

Rollers No Longer Operating

When the rollers inside the unit stop working, it can result in less effective cleaning power, and make it harder to push the unit around without getting caught on the surface of the carpeting. This is often because hair or pet hair is tangled around the roller. To fix this issue, a new roller can be placed inside the unit. These rollers are right on the bottom of the unit, and can typically be popped out and replaced easily.

Fixing a Hoover is not only a great way to save money, but it also benefits the environment. Replacing a small component that helps the whole unit continue to work creates less waste and is better for the pocket.

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