Guide for Bratislava: The Shy and Beautiful Slavic Princess

Considering the tales of many satisfied travelers and adventurers, the city of Bratislava is slowly but surely positioning itself higher on Europe’s travel lists and guides. It seems that everyone who wants to experience the Old Continent’s charms is now turning to unbridled parts of Eastern Europe, including the Slovakian capital. And for a good reason, too! With ever-growing hip pubs and clubs that are stacking one on top of another, the scene is packed with lively people, stags, and youth in search of the unconventional. Bratislava is teeming with crazy party possibilities so let’s see how deep does the hype run among its cozy medieval streets.

Pioneering ways to lose your mind

Who doesn’t want to spend his “last days of freedom” in Europe’s fastest growing club scene? Perfect Stag do weekends await bachelor crews who want to customize their experience with all sorts of extravagant possibilities. With the cheapest drink prices in all of the EU and budget-friendly accommodation costs, you will not think twice when picking Bratislava as your next party destination.

Let your best buddies relax in daytime activities, including taking a tour of famous breweries, quad biking, paintball matches, and lots of other adrenaline-fuelled possibilities. And when the sun sets and real nocturnal escapades commence – don’t forget to rent that hummer limo with your personal drink-serving strippers and hit the club with VIP class.

Tightly packed, this city will make your stag do weekend filled with numerous different things to do and places to visit in just one night. Club surfing in Bratislava is on a whole new level so prepare for a party sprint!

In recent years, local authorities worked hard to spread the party euphoria from inner-city circles to the banks along the Danube river. Bratislava today offers plenty of bars and clubs to have fun in the evening, with various music genres and interior tastes to choose from. However, the real challenge will always be how to choose the right one during such a short and colorful weekend.

As Partyslava positions itself higher on the prestigious European club scene, many avid party-goers are returning to this city for at least one more ride. Not to mention the stupefying beauty of Slavic women that put “easy-going” standards to the next level. Their witty nature and heartwarming hospitality are guaranteed to follow you for the rest of your life, not to mention the fire they will ignite until the end of your stay!

Prague’s shy and beautiful little sister

Located close to other major Central European cities, Bratislava remained hidden from foreign eyes for many years. But just like its richer European counterparts, this place is a proud owner of countless medieval edifices and architectural landmarks. The historic Devin Castle that magnificently overlooks the city or Grassalkovich palace – the residence of the Slovakian president –  are just some of many captivating structures you should definitely include on your itinerary.

Stunning and picturesque city streets that breathe with Bohemian and Habsburg past will be your perfect hangover remedy. Examine gorgeous cathedrals and epic castles that create a taunting postcard picture of this city from afar. Offering nearly everything that Prague or Krakow can offer you, but with lower costs and a warmer heart, Bratislava is sure to captivate your imagination and pack a few surprising punches.

Start your day from the well known UFO-shaped restaurant observation deck and carefully plan an unforgettable visit to this bachelor party paradise!

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