How to Coach Your Sports Team to Victory

If you ask anyone about winning, they will tell you that given the choice between it and losing, they will pick winning all the time. But when you ask them would they be prepared to do what it takes to win, they may hesitate to answer. Top sports coaches like Jack Elway would warn that when you say you want to win, you are also saying that you are prepared to make great sacrifices.  Winning is hard. It takes a combination of factors that are difficult to bring together, but that need to come together perfectly in order for the victory to occur.  For someone looking to lead their sports team to a victory, there are certain guidelines that need to be followed. And although they cannot guarantee victory, they will certainly lead you in that direction.

Put Together a Winning Team

A crucial element of any success story is the team that takes the field or court. It needs to me composed of the right types of individuals who possess the skillset and qualities to win the game. The leader needs to recognize this and assemble the right group to take the field. In addition being highly skilled, team members must possess the following skills:

Tenacious: Able to stay focused on the objective throughout the entire contest. They must have lots of reserve energy so when the other team is tiring your team finds an extra gear to take advantage of their exhaustion.

Team Minded: Individual effort are great but teams win because they act like teams. So tem embers need to excel at playing well as a group. They must have great chemistry and communicate well with each other well. Finally they must have an ability to tell when a team member needs assistance with their assignment and then be able to help.

Proven Winners: When a member has experience winning, they know the feeling and whether they are on that road or the road to defeat. Too often teams relax at the wrong times or lose focus when they should be doing the opposite and leave the door open for the other side to advance.

Resilient: No team stays in the lead all the time and the greatest ones know how to come back when they are down. This takes a special mental make-up and is a requirement of members of winning teams.

Trust Your Plan and Team

When you take the field, all the preparation is past and you begin seeing what your hard work will yield. Before you took the field, each team member had his assignment and the plane for how to achieve victory was worked through and perfected. But sometimes that plan when put in action does not work and there is a temptation to throw it out on the spot and try something else. This is usually a mistake because that plan was put together over time by individuals who looked at the game and the other team closely. The best course of action is to give the plan and the team members more time to work the plan. Yes, you may need to make some small adjustment in players or the plan if you see that some parts are not as effective as you had hoped, but sticking with the original plan and trusting in your teammates if both are good, will usually get you to victory.

When you choose to become a sports coach, you undertake a difficult job that few can master. Pay attention to the basics and be prepared to learn as much as you teach.

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