Settle Down And Savour The Scores – Here’s 5 Sports To Watch


A mind relaxing way to end or start your day with family and friends: watching some sport. Get connected with people from diverse communities and countries. A global language that everyone likes to speak of is sport. For those who feel like the team they support are the winning team, you can even put a bet on them with plenty online sports bookmakers available and try and win some cash while you watch. If you need some reassurance before you place a bet you can try out betting top 10 for some tips before you  place your bet. There’s a range of sports to set before your eyes, here’s just a few.


Whether it’s the premier league, champion’s league, friendly or more, there’s always so much on offer when it comes to this exhilarating sport. It will have anyone on the edge of their seats with near goals and tricky tackles. This is not only a sport that is enjoyed watching, but it’s played by millions across the globe, in neighbourhood streets and pitches, by kids and adults alike. It brings many together in local pubs and living rooms, beers in hand and football anthems to the ready on the tip of tongues.


This is a sport that dates back as far as the 15th century. From Don Bradman an Australian cricketer, to Chris Gayle, a West Indian player, there’s a range of favourites around the world that have made this sport both captivating and cheerful to watch. See the striker’s powerful swing and cheer as he sprints victoriously in order to score a run. Cricket has also wide cricket betting arena that you can place your bet on


This is not only a form of exercise that is loved by many on their commutes and family holidays, but it’s also one that is watched and loved on screen by millions. Whether it’s the tour de France or Yorkshire this famous bicycle race has many watching each year. This multiple stage race takes place in many European countries and sees cyclist pedal over mountains and plain, through cities and past cheering fans


Watch individuals and doubles battle with their rackets and tennis ball to win titles. Groans audible, feet pacing and tennis balls bouncing back and forth, it truly is a sight to see. There’s tournaments that take place everywhere one of the most famous being Wimbledon. Don’t bat your eyelids at this wonderful sport.


Grab a cup of tea and enjoy a spot of this more laid back sport. See the diverse courses that these players attempt to conquer and win the title for. Be the spectator of some skilful hole in ones. Some say this is not a sport that everyone will take a liking to, you can only give it a try.

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