How to Watch Live TV Without Paying for Cable

Cable television can be expensive, costing anywhere from $40 to well over $100 per month. With so many streaming services and television alternatives offering cheaper options, it’s no wonder 22 million Americans have cut the cords on their cable boxes for good.

Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video allow you to watch shows and movies on demand. But what if you want to watch live news and sports? Or if you want to tune into local channels and catch your favorite shows the night they air? Well, it’s possible! Here’s how.

Get an Antenna

One way to stream local broadcast TV is to get an HD antenna for your house. This is the cheapest and simplest solution for live streaming in your home. Don’t worry, modern antennas are much more advanced than the rabbit ears we all remember from childhood. You can purchase TV antennas from Walmart, Amazon, and most electronics stores.

Indoor antennas should work if you live within about 20 miles of your television broadcasting station. Of course, this is your only option if you live in an apartment or condo. Outdoor antennas will likely provide better reception and are required if you live far from broadcasting stations.

Sign Up for a Live TV Streaming Service

Live TV streaming services provide real-time television to your home over the internet rather than through a cable box. You can use just about any device to enjoy this service as long as you’re connected to the internet. For example, you can stream TV on your smartphone, Chromecast, or laptop.

Your Options for Live TV Streaming

Two great options for live television streaming are Sling TV and DirecTV Now. Sling specializes in their customizable plans with affordable base channel packages and optional add-ons. DirecTV Now offers over 120 channels as well as tons of On Demand shows and movies. Both services will allow you to tune into regular live television programming.

However, local channels are only available with Sling TV at the moment. Additionally, DirecTV Now does not support DVR functionality though they’re planning to release a cloud-based DVR similar to Sling’s.

Another option is PlayStation Vue, a television service provided by Sony. You don’t need a PlayStation console to use this service. It’s actually compatible with most streaming devices such as an Amazon Fire or Roku. Like Sling TV, PlayStation Vue includes a cloud DVR for recording live shows.

With these services allowing you to enjoy live TV without a cable subscription, there’s no reason to keep paying for expensive cable packages.


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