Limo Service Vs. Taxis For Executive Transport in Toronto

Toronto is the undisputed financial hub of Canada, serving as the headquarters for numerous multinational companies and government agencies. When it comes to executive transport is a large city like Toronto, a company is often faced with two options, to retain the services of an executive limo service or to rely on commercial taxis. Most companies make the decision to work with limo services and this guide will explain why that is the right decision to make.


When you engage the services of a professional executive transport service, you are working with a company whose entire business model is based on responding to your company’s transport needs as soon as you contact them. This gives you a level of dependability that you cannot expect from using taxis. When you need a taxi, your options are limited to the available taxis that are within your vicinity. Even professional taxi companies have to call their drivers on the road to find out if one of them is available and within your area. Limo services keep their vehicles on standby until their services are needed.


Executive limo services have high end vehicles that are designed for comfort. This is not the case with the ‘average’ taxi that has a more utilitarian design. when your workplace gets a transportation partner, it is meant to transport both your employees in their official duties and high priority clients. Comfort is important for executive business transport, which is why your needs are better met by an executive limo service.

Reliable Billing

If you are a business that frequently uses the services of third party transporters, then it is more reliable, and possibly cheaper, to engage the services of a professional executive transport service. Companies such as Toronto limos allow a company to pay a retainer fee on a regular basis (monthly, quarterly or annually) with subsidized costs for every call that you make requesting their cars. While it might seem cheaper to use a taxi for your needs, if you will be using the services regularly the more dependable billing practices of professional limo services might end up being more affordable in the long run.

Driver courtesy and professionalism

The training undergone by limo chauffeurs and taxi drivers is not even comparable. Executive transport companies ensure that their drivers are trained in professional courtesy when engaging their clients and their driving style matches the professionalism of the company that they represent. Taxis on the other hand are less ‘polished’ with how they drive and engage their clients while on transit. Your company is best served by a transport partner that has the professionalism to match yours.

Better safety record

There are two factors that contribute to a vehicle’s safety record: the conduct of its driver and the protection that it offers its occupants in case an accident occurs. Executive transport services score better that taxis on both metrics. Not only do the drivers take a more conservative approach with their behavior on the road, they use premium vehicles with better crash test ratings.

As this article shows, when all things are considered, your company is better off partnering with a professional limo service for executive transport.

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