Most Exciting Vacation Ideas For 2019

It seems these days that time passes faster than ever. With so many activities and events to keep track of on top of work, school and family life, it’s no wonder we find that holiday times come around much sooner than we’d want. Whether it’s Christmas holiday, spring break or the summer holiday period, it seems that you can blink an eye and one or the other will be here. Sound familiar? Need something to entertain yourself and the family for those in between times? Check out these great tips for activities to do over the holidays that will impress everyone from eight to eighty.

Local Or Regional Fairs

Local and regional fairs are a great way to get out of the house even just for the day. With things like fair food, rides, games and entertainments, it’s no wonder so many people frequent their local fairs. Fairs are a great opportunity to get out and have some old fashioned fun, eat tasty treats like mini-donuts and just pretend to be a kid again. Who knows, if you really have a good arm on some of the ring toss, bottle topple or dart games you could win yourself a pretty impressive giant stuffed teddy!

Explore Somewhere New

Heading somewhere completely new can be one of the best ways to spend a holiday period – whether it’s just a couple days or as much as a couple months. Even people with children often find that hitting the road for several weeks over the summer is just what the doctor ordered in order to reconnect and have an adventure in a new, potentially exotic locale. Not sure where to go? Consider what’s in your budget. Even a long road trip through the UK can be a great getaway and can be done on a bit of a budget.

Jet Set To A Far Flung Place

Got a fatter budget this year? Check out some of the really cool places you can head to – with or without children. One of the best destinations for a family friendly getaway, regardless of your children’s ages is Florida. With so much to experience in one state, it’s no wonder it’s a tourist hot spot. Spend the day at SeaWorld, eat brunch with your favourite Disney characters in the Magic Kingdom or experience some of Hollywood’s blockbusters up close and personal at Universal Studios. Theme parks not your thing? No problem. Check out the Florida Keys islands in the south, the Everglades with their impressive swathes of pure unadulterated nature or hop on one of many Caribbean cruises that depart the likes of Miami regularly.

So whatever your budget – whether you want to get away properly or you’re happy exploring your own backyard – there’s something to do for everyone. Between jet setting and road tripping, you can be sure that the next holiday you embark upon with your spouse, partner or kids in tow will be one of the best yet! What will you choose? We’d love to hear from you!

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