Plan a Family Vacation that Won’t Drive You Insane

Like Clark Griswold before us, everyone wants to experience the great American road trip with their loved ones. Unfortunately, also like Clark Griswold, most of us fall short of that high goal. Things invariably go wrong: you miss one exit, then another and veer off course. The attraction you came to see closed down. The kids get bored and stop distracting themselves looking for Volkswagen Beetles or sedans with car wraps around them, and start pestering you instead. It’s not a vacation anymore; it’s a nightmare. Take note though, this doesn’t have to happen to you. You can have an awesome, fulfilling vacation with the whole family. Just follow these easy steps:

Don’t Underestimate Your Kids 

Okay, so kids don’t want to spend their entire vacation in museums or at historical monuments. That’s a given. But you should give your offspring some credit. Kids of any age love to learn –– under the right circumstances. Places like aquariums or zoos are an awesome place to stop off on vacation. They’re fun, they give the kids plenty of room to stretch their legs, and their educational and interactive. You’re likely to enjoy them as much as your kids, too.

Keep Things on Target

No matter how tempting it is to stop off at the world’s biggest ball of yarn, you need to know when to make a detour, and when to stay on course. No one’s going to appreciate an unwanted diversion when the entire family is united toward a specific destination. Indeed, stopping to gawk at a roadside attraction isn’t likely to enhance the experience. It’ll do just the opposite, in fact.

Make a Long Trip, Short

On the flipside though, if you’re planning a country-spanning road trip, plan to have engaging places to stop for a day or two. Making young children (or anyone for that matter) sit stuck in a car for more than three-to-four hours isn’t going to yield good results. And you’ll be hearing, “are we there yet,” sooner rather than later.

Taking Turns is Important

Not only is shifting the driving responsibility a good idea for safety purposes, but mixing things up on your next vacation can lead to a great, unexpected time. Let a new person select where to go eat each time, or what to do first in a new city. This is a great way of making sure everyone feels incorporated and engaged in the trip. Plus, it could lead you to an unbudgeted, but fun-filled destination. Heck, it might even be more fun than Walley World in the first place!

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