Sizzling Summer Life Hacks To Make Your Holidays Rock

With summer heating up and the kids out of school now, you might be preparing to head out on day trips around town or maybe even overseas. We all know how busy life can get and it’s even more so when you have the kids to consider every moment of the day too, so that’s why we’ve come up with a list of some of the best life hacks for summer that you can use to keep life simple and sweet this summer season.

Keeping Your Stuff Safe At The Beach

Nothing is worse than heading to the beach and getting your keys, wallet or phone nicked by some unsavoury characters taking advantage of you leaving them unattended while you play with your little ones in the water. Keep your things safe by either putting them in an old empty sunscreen bottle or wrapping them in a diaper. That’s right – a diaper. No one is going to want to risk the possibility that it’s full of something unpleasant, so they will leave the diaper alone. In terms of sunscreen, no one will want to steal a bottle of suncream, and so the principle is the same.

Keep Ice Cream Soft

Sick of bending spoons and struggling with rock hard ice cream? Take a large gallon size plastic ziploc bag and put the ice cream (still in the container) inside it. You will be surprised at how soft and easy to scoop it remains and you can save all your spoons from meeting an untimely demise at the hands of rock hard ice cream too!

Cheap and Easy Highlights

Used for decades, one of the easiest ways to get cheap and natural looking highlights is to squeeze real lemon juice onto your locks and sit in the sun. While it can dry your hair out a bit, the acids and sunlight will help the process of lightening your hair and providing you with great, natural looking highlights. Be sure to use a good conditioner afterwards to keep your hair healthy, soft and manageable.

Keep Popsicle Mess At Bay

We all know how annoying melting popsicles can be and for that reason this life hack is a great idea, especially if you have smaller children who haven’t quite mastered eating food without painting their clothes with it as well. Using muffin wrappers slid up onto the stick underneath the popsicle itself to stop any melty juice or cream from dripping onto hands that could find their way to clothes, faces, hair and more.

Sunburn Solution

Sunburns are probably the least enjoyable part of the summer months and, while avoidable, can still surprise you even if you slather on the SPF50. Take control and give yourself and your little ones some much needed burn relief by freezing aloe vera gel in ice cube trays and then rubbing over the burned area. The combination of aloe vera and ice will soothe the burn and create a comfortable sensation. Remember to always re-apply sunscreen after swimming or towelling off and to apply at least fifteen minutes before going into the sun.

So there you have some top notch life hacks to try out this summer to make it as stress free and easy as possible. With the mercury rising to record heights everywhere, you will be glad of some of these cooling off tricks for when you want to beat the heat over the summer months this year.

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