Top RV Adventures For The Outdoor Enthusiast

For those who love traveling and the outdoors, it is very easy to combine the two with RV travel. When moving across the county in an RV rental you can get your travel fix on the country’s open roads and your outdoor adventure at your camping destinations along the way. There are a great number of destinations throughout the US that offer close access to some of the most rugged outdoor adventuring that can be found anywhere in the world. If this sounds like a plan to you, then check out these top sites for outdoor adventures where you can park your RV and get into some fun.

Ranchito Feliz, Utah

This is a location you just can’t beat. Not only is Ranchito Feliz right in the middle of Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument bit it’s also just a short way from Bryce Canyon National Park and the legendary Kodachrome Basin State Park. They don’t call this canyon country for nothing, and there are so many canyons to explore, climb, and hike through that you’ll have to be careful in your planning to make sure you have the time to hit up all the canyons you desire. Even outside the canyons this area has some of the best hiking trails in the world that draw in thousands of travelers per year. Excellent rock climbing is also close at hand, making this one of the most diverse areas for outdoor adventuring in the country and world alike. Ranchito Feliz puts you right in the heart of all this action.

Grand Canyon

Although it’s mostly known for the world famous canyon that runs through it, Grand Canyon National Park also boasts a vast array of hiking trails that will satisfy any hardcore hiker with their vast scenery and challenging terrains. Rafters will love it here too since there are many world-famous spots including several that run through the canyon bottoms and offer a truly unique ride that you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else. The climbing opportunities here are also incredible, with a variety of different rock faces to scale including canyon walls. If you’re looking for a quantity of adventures within range of your camp, then you will definitely want to look into the Grand Canyon region. 

Jackson Hole

This Wyoming destination has long been attracting a wide range of travelers looking to avoid the crowds at Yosemite. But this doesn’t mean Jackson Hole has any less adventure, and as a matter of fact it has even more opportunity than it’s more famous cousin. First of all the hiking here is unbelievable. You can take on meadow trails, forested hikes, and mountain treks sometimes all in the same day. You also have some of the best rafting to be found anywhere in the country, a variety of climbing opportunities, and seasonal attractions such as skiing and snow shoeing. When you pull up at Jackson Hole in your RV rental you will be right at the entrance to the Grand Teton National park which boasts miles of pure wilderness and majestic peaks. Do yourself a favor and keep this region high on your bucket list.

Acadia National Park

Located in Maine, Acadia is a hiker’s dream. There are a number of trails here that are considered to be some of the best in the country, so you will want to do your research before your trip in order to be sure you hit them all. Acadia offers incredibly scenic territory, which guarantees breathtaking views no matter which trail you decide on for the day. Also keep in mind that there is some great rafting and camping opportunities in the Park plus a number of lakes for boating and fishing. Overall Acadia is one of the most gorgeous stretches of wilderness in the nation and offers a plethora of activities. This is truly a hiker’s dream.


If skiing is your thing then don’t miss out on Telluride. This region boasts some of the top slopes in the nation and world. There is a chairlift and picks you up right from the center of town and you’re within a stone’s throw of three of the best ski parks on the planet. This is really the cream of the crop for snow sports, but keep in mind that off-season the area has a great number of hiking trails as well. Overall Telluride has a rugged charm that has been drawing skiers and other outdoor adventurers for many decades.

Taking an RV rental trip in the US isn’t all about being on the road. If you plan your destinations carefully you can take advantage of areas with an abundance of outdoor activities that will keep you happy during your stay. So do your research and hit the road as soon as you can.

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