Traveling with airsoft guns


For those of you who might not be familiar with airsoft, it’s worth noting that it is similar to paintball in many respects. What makes the difference between the two is that airsoft guns shoot plastic pellets, which is why they can pose a real threat to the health and safety to the players and even other people, should the weapons be shot by mistake in public.

As you might have imagined, many airlines have various requirements when it comes to traveling with airsoft equipment.

Besides, since the guns and the grenades used in the sport are considered high-risk compared to the rest of the gear, there are several basic tips and tricks that everyone should keep in mind in order to ensure that their travels are safe and that they aren’t required to leave their airsoft guns behind.

Why can they be considered dangerous?

The truth is that these guns shoot pellets at alarming speeds, which is why they can be used for hurting people in various situations. All of the airsoft fields in the United States and all over the world call for the use of protective equipment, especially headgear like goggles. Why is that? The eyes of the players are the most sensitive regions that can be damaged by the plastic pellets.

When it comes to airsoft helmets, finding a good one might be a challenge, especially as the fields have several requirements in this sense, too. Players also wear military clothing, shoes, and gloves, as well as other accessories, but as you might have figured it out, all of this apparel doesn’t pose a problem at the security gates at any airport.

The velocity of some pellets launched by some guns can reach 400 feet per second, and the capsule can inflict serious harm on humans if they aren’t adequately protected.

Their realistic design is a problem

Another aspect that seems to make the difference between paintball guns and airsoft guns is that the second are realistically designed. What this means is that they look like actual guns, so it is only natural for airport officials to be alarmed whenever they catch sight of such a unit. In fact, the X-ray screen can show them as the real deal, so it is your responsibility to declare these items before going through security.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that carrying guns in the aircraft is prohibited, so you cannot place them in your carry-on. You can, however, transport them in your checked baggage. While you do have to declare airsoft guns, this practice is not mandatory in the case of pellet and BB ones.

Other gear

Besides airsoft guns, players use mortars and grenades. Unfortunately, the design of these types of gear is also realistic.

While you can travel with your airsoft gun, you cannot do the same with mortars or grenades. Even if you use your checked baggage, you are still not allowed to fly with them. If your gun utilizes compressed gas cartridges, you might want to know that these are also prohibited.

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