Treat Your Valentine To The Helicopter Ski Trip Of A Lifetime

Deciding what to do on Valentine’s Day can be challenging. There are a plethora of options, but if your valentine doesn’t want champagne or chocolates, you may have to come up with something more creative. For the adventurousoutdoorsy couple, skiing may be the perfect Valentine’s Day activity for you. You get to enjoy a sport together surrounded by amazing views and fresh, clean powder. Nothing is more romantic than the sun glistening off of fresh white snow and illuminating the one you love. Surrounded by beautiful trees and mountains in every direction, it would be difficult not to enjoy gliding down the slopes to your hearts content and then retiring by a fire with a cozy hot chocolate, or perhaps something stronger.

Simply going to a ski resort may seem like a nice way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but in popular ski towns, you’ll likely find yourself surrounded by other people who had the same idea. Long lines and crowded runs are anything but romantic, not to mention the time you need to take carting yourself back and forth on the ski lift. The powder from the previous night can get icy quickly from so many people skiing on it, which will likely also leave you and your significant other cranky and irritable by the end of the day – certainly not something you want on such a special holiday. No, if you truly want to experience the romance of a ski vacation on Valentine’s Day there really is only one viable option – Helicopter Skiing.

When you choose to go heliskiing with one of the best helicopter skiing operators in the area like Great Canadian Heli Skiing, you are flown directly to the top of an untouched slope –alone with your partner and your thoughts. Nothing could be more romantic than that! The crisp, untouched powder will be so perfect and pristine you might even baulk at carving through it – just for a moment, as you take in the glorious sights with your significant other. When you finally do take that first plunge; however, you’ll instantly know that you have made the right decision. Nothing in the world can compare the rush and pure joy a person can get from being totally alone in the wilderness with a pair of skis and their loved one at their side.

When planning a helicopter ski trip, the obvious destination to go to is where it was founded, in the great mountains of British Columbia like Revelstoke or Golden. A heli skiing trip in BC and the beautiful Rocky Mountains is the perfect destination for any couple. In a published list of the top helicopter skiing destinations in North America, British Columbia took five spots!When you choose to go to BC for your heli skiing trip, you know that you will be treated to the best of everything – the best lodges, the best massages, the best hot tubs, the best food, and above all, the best slopes!

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