Turkey 2017

Holding 76 million people, this country is said to be the most independent country on its own than other European countries. The Republic of Turkey is located where Asia meets Europe and intersects both continents. Turkey is a country that is so rich in culture, foods and very popular because of its vintage looks just like Bingo Extra. This online bingo site is popular for holding its vintage trends and amazing games like Bingo, Slots, Table & Card games and Scratch & Arcade games. There is a wide range of online bingo games that you can pick from, ranging from 75 ball bingo to the traditional 90 ball bingo, and even the fast paced 5-line bingo. Plus, you can also win big at no extra cost by playing the bingo progressive jackpot games in most of the bingo rooms.

Turkey has adjustable climate with both hot and dry summers and mild winters which is very adjustable especially when going on holiday. The best places to visit when going to turkey vary, let’s look at some.

Pamukkale: This word means “Cotton Castle”. In western Turkey, Pamukkale is famous for its rich white landscape and that have pools of enriching mineral water from the hot springs. It is encouraged to bathe in the pools.

Mount Nemrut: Mainly popular for the sunrise and is said to contain bodiless head that turned to stone when the Greek gods reigned. Like the heads of Zeus, Apollo and Tyche.

Oludeniz: A small village located on the coast of the Aegean Sea and a sandy bay that produces a blue lagoon that comes in different shades of blue. It is named as one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Library of Celsus: Also known as the ruins of Ephesus, it is a popular tourist attraction. This place was one among the seven wonders of the world. It now serves as the monumental tomb for Celsus who was the governor of Asia.

Patara Beach: This is a 14km stretch of sand. It is the longest one yet to be in the Mediterranean. It has massive dunes and no buildings except for a small café. Great place to relax and go sun bathing!

The Turkish culture varies to Greek, Armenian and Arab practices. These three cultures reflect mainly the Kurdish and Arabic culture while the westerners follow European traditions. Turks love to celebrate; they wait to take advantage of different events and make the best of the moment. Most people are conservative as people of the opposite gender are not allowed any physical interaction except if they are family. When meeting, men shake hands and only shakes a woman’s hand if she extends it to him.

Turks are known to be most passionate when it comes to food. With the variety of spices and meat, there’s no stopping them from experimenting. Turkish food consists of mainly Middle Eastern, Balkan, Asian and Greek dishes. The most popular food for Turks being the “Kebap” today known as “Kebab”. It is a dish that mainly consists of marinated chunks of Lamb, Beef, Chicken or Fish, flame grilled on a stick/skewer. Over the years, this dish has become popular worldwide and has been introduced to casseroles, sandwiches, tacos and wraps.

What interests you the most about The Republic of Turkey? The food, culture, history or the beautiful places?

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