Arden Anderson – People Who Feel Fulfilled Do These Things Constantly

We live in a time where meaning of trying to discover how to find happiness. We are locked in a war between chasing material things and trying to simplify Our Lives. You’ll so struggle with focusing on helping only those very close to us or contributing greatly to our communities. The result is that very few people are very happy and fulfilled.

Is it possible today to be happy with your life? What are the things we can do to help us feel more fulfilled?

Keep Learning

One of the great joys of life is that we have the chance to continue to learn. Acquiring additional information helps us to understand this world better, when the stand ourselves better, to make better relationships, and to make better decisions. With amazing tools like the internet being so prevalent today, it is so much easier for anyone to learn anything about virtually any topic.

You can study history, governments, cooking, building relationships, travel, and learn any hobby you have an interest in online. This is opened up a new world for lot of people and has sparked the interest in learning for many around the world. New connections are being made and new possibilities are being explored as a result of so much learning going on. Learning is similar to food in that it fills you up. And also like food after a short while you want more of it.


Volunteering is one of the most rewarding things that we can do. When we choose to give to those who are less fortunate without the expectation of financial reward or even recognition, we support and nurture a large part of ourselves. These days there are more people who have an abundance than any time in history. The amount of wealth accumulated by the Western countries, is more than enough to make the life of everyone on the planet comfortable.

Some like Arden Andersen believe that because of our vast good fortune, we must make it a part of our responsibilities to give to those that have little or nothing. Others believe that if you were the one to create it, it is yours and you do not owe anyone anything. This debate centers around selfishness and an outlook on life, or what it often overlooks are the benefits of caring. When you care enough to give, you shouldn’t only focus on what you were doing for someone else, but what you are also doing for yourself. When you give, you enrich your mind and your spirit. This is the greatest reason for volunteering.

Exercise Restraint

If you have the means today, it is easy to fall into excess. These days many people are overweight, addicted to unhealthy substances and things, and struggling with how to find a course to help them positively navigate through life. As we move forward and become more affluent, our ability to pull away from excess diminishes. The problem with this is that excess is simply unhealthy.

Every spiritual and religious system focuses on exercising restraint and living simply. This type of life relieve stress and allows you a sense of fulfillment simply by doing small things that are easy to accomplish. Excess constantly tries to convince you that no matter how much you have, you still need more. This can only lead to unhappiness and dissatisfaction with the things you have. So our focus should always be on exercising restraint and saying no to access.

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