How to Improve Your Football Skills

If you like many others share the same dreams as college football star Mack Prioleau of one day turning into a pro footballer, you will need to apply yourself form a very early age. Natural talent and application however are only half of the journey and in order to truly reach your potential in football, you will need to be smart  about how you approach it. The percentage of those who dream of one day making the NFL and actually go on to do it is, as you can imagine, incredibly low, but that is not to say that it is not worth trying. Let’s take a look then at what you need to do to improve your football skills.

Be in Great Shape

Many fall foul of thinking that just because they have incredible natural ability when it comes to playing football that this is enough, it isn’t, and you need to ensure that your body is in the best shape possible. This means that you need to be exercising and eating right for your body shape and never slacking, only those with peak physical condition can achieve the highest level of skill.

Nail Your Position

You should elect a position as early as possible in order to give yourself the very best chance of success in football. This will be largely dictated by your size and your natural ability and once you have decided upon the best position for you, you should focus all of your efforts on becoming the best in that position that you can possibly be. Speak with your coaches and colleagues around which the best position is for you.

Be a Student of the Game

Having great skill at football is more than how well you can block or throw, it is also about having a deep understand for the game. In order to enhance your footballing knowledge, you should be watching plenty of game reels and focusing on how the best teams do what they do. Understand different plays, strategies and tactics will be essential to how well you understand the game and in turn, how well you can play the game.

All Out Commitment

If you want to seriously think about one day becoming a pro then you need to make sure that you are living and breathing football. This means spending every bit of spare time you have on training, learning and mastering your craft, beyond your daily training. If you think that a little hard work and natural ability will get you to the big leagues then you are mistaken.

Game Time

There is inly so much you can improve through practice and ultimately, much of your physical ability and mental strength will be found during game time. If you are not getting sufficient games then speak with your coach, improve on what you need to and when you do get a chance, make sure that you take it with both hands to continue starting in the team.

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