What I Carry Inside My Bag For My Football Trip

I believe that success of any business at 90% depends on the preparations you have made. So, before I set sail to my next football game I make sure I have practiced and worked out enough, have the common language with my teammates and packed my bag very thoughtfully.

Usually, I use my good sports bag to keep all the football gear and a backpack for the clothes and personal stuff. My sports bag is very light, but strong, as I don’t want it to break down in the middle of nowhere. It is of a medium size, so I can fit everything I need in, without caring a big piece of luggage with me. I also prefer to have two rolling wheels, as it saves my energy when I arrive in the middle of the night to the airport and don’t want to lift heavy things. Some of my teammates like to carry items individually (like a helmet), but I think it will be better protected in my bag, securely packed. Also keeping all things at one places saves your time when you need to get prepared for the game and ensures that you have everything you need with you.

Items inside my sports bag

I have a very long list of football gear things that I use on the field. It is a helmet, a face mask, a football visor, shoulder pads, knee pads, gloves, girdles cleats, rib protectors, and back plates. People often ask me if I give it to the luggage, but I prefer not to. When I was young and played for a junior team, I traveled to a game with my mom once. And she decided that taking my heavy football gear on the board is lame, so we checked it in and traveled light. When it was time to pick it up, everybody got their bags, but mine was lost. I couldn’t play that game, watching it from a bench in a great frustration. My bag arrived only in three days, right before our trip back home. From that time I always take the most necessary things with me to the cabin. And the football gear is super necessary if you are planning to play.

One of my friends had a similar situation, as he put his football visor in the luggage together with other personal belongings and it arrived cracked in half. Even if you complain to the air company managers or go to a court, it will not help you to win the game, which you have already lost. So this is my point – be prepared. Pack your bag in advance, make sure it contains everything that you need. If you have to make a list of the stuff, you should better do it. Remember that winners are usually very organized and systematic people, and this skill is not that difficult to learn!

Final advice: Pack wisely and enjoy your football trip!

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