Different Types of GPS Tracking for Vehicles

GPS is short for “global positioning system”. It was originally developed for the US military, enabling them to determine the exact location of targets and of troops. Today, however, they are readily available to the global civilian market. A lot of people now have GPS tracking for vehicle installed as standard, using either real time trackers or recording trackers that work on different software packages. Essentially, a GPS tracker is one of three categories, and it is important that you choose the one that is right for you.

3 Types of GPS Tracking for Vehicle

  1. The GPS data logger, which logs the position of the vehicle onto which the tracker is fitted at regular intervals. The data is stored within the internal memory, which is usually an internal flash or a memory card. The data logger is also fitted with a USB port and often functions as a flash drive. This can then be hooked up to a computer, through which all the recorded data can be analyzed. This is the type of GPS tracker that is often used in private investigations in which a vehicle has to be tracked without getting too close too often.
  2. The GPS data pusher or beacon, which sends a signal to a receiver at regular intervals. These signals can then be analyzed to determine where someone is and how often they have moved. These are very affordable GPS systems, which is why they are commonly seen on the fleet of transport companies and businesses. However, they can also be found in many different types of organizations and are therefore commonly used in animal control, race control, espionage, and law enforcement. Because these devices are so affordable, they are also regularly bought by hobbyists who use them to have fun, or by people who want to make sure they could find their vehicle back if it was to be stolen, for instance.
  3. The GPS data puller or transponder, which is a device that is always switched on and gives location in real time. They are not as commonly seen yet but are becoming more popular. One of the reasons for this increase in popularity, is that they can be hooked to a cellphone, allowing others to constantly see the location of an individual.

GPS trackers can be used for a whole variety of different things. Professionally speaking, they can be used to make sure the location of salesmen is always known, and that vehicle fleets are traveling where they should be traveling and staying in places for the right amount of time. Individuals can use them to keep track of their belongings, and more and more parents now use them to keep track of their children as well. Meanwhile, they can also be used in espionage, private investigations, and more. For some, this means that they are used for snooping, which is considered a bad thing. Others, however, feel that if you have nothing to hide, you shouldn’t worry about it anyway.

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